Leo Limón


Born in 1952; East LA, raised in front of a TV set which drove me loquito, while eating a hot homemade flour tortilla con mantequilla that made me gordito. It started; at my Tia Teresa's where I got TLC.. .Mama Maria always off to work; nil Jefe appeared three years later. Thank you tio Chayo; for singing in the shower, your books, tools, classic cars, musical instruments and crooked walk. I consider myself a spiritual informant; sent here by request of the abuelitas to enlighten all with PoW WoW.

A lifetime student at the Calmecac (libraries), Lincoln High School'68- 71, Saturday Tutor Art Class at Otis, LA River Cats, MeChicano Art Center, Pre-Los Four, Freelance artwork, LACC, Army'73-76, Post-Los Four, CatZ, Plaza de La Raza, Centro de Arte Publico (HL'13), ELAOC, LATTC'81, Self-Help GrafX'80's, B-1 Gallery, Aztlan Cultural Arts Foundation, Inc. '93- '00, Fatherhood Institute, Anahuak Soccer, Cheech/Cause Connect Exhibits, UC Santa Barbara *CEMA Archive, National Museum of Mexican Art Archive, The Studio for Southern California History, Smithsonian American Art Museum Archive.

*Developing J4 "Art Peace Park" a ?Generation river vision. A living art project.

Come together! ...Only Us Can!


I reference a Living Native Cultural Legacy of Abya Yala (SICIN) and incorporate the modern world. I draw what I see, and change it with imagination by acting as a prism that reflects beautiful rainbow colors.

Tlazocamati I► Aloha V Caritio...0tneteotl

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