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Art Peace Park is to promote Urban Art to the Los Angeles Community and the world. Graffiti Abatement Programs are funded to the tune of over 25 million taxpayer monies yearly.

Art Peace Park can use a percentage of these funds to promote art, and politically empower the youth. The main mission is to provide an environment where self expression is FIRST and is valued versus destroyed. Political empowerment workshops and critical contact information to local politicians will also help focus the community’s energy to provide pathways to have their concerns be heard. The photos of the model shown here were initially an idea for the L.A. River Revitalization Plan.

Art Peace Park is the Meeting of Styles on the river walls and all its connections. For now, it’s a sacred plot of land with trees at the entrance to the river at San Fernando Rd. @/next to the Arroyo Seco Wash bridge. Bring a broom; keep it clean and stay out of the river, for now. I envision a 52 mile rainbow art snake in our river.

Meanwhile, recreate the Art Peace Park idea in your  neighborhoods where walls are thick with abatement paint and name those locations “Art Peace Place - Community Writing and Art Wall”.  Start a petition, get signatures, let your district politician know what you want. It’s a place for Community Expression/Word/Palabra. No more buff-out there.


like us on facebook Art Peace Park, with a photo you take of urban art you like and where’s it at.

Oath; “Respect it, Protect it, don’t neglect it” Word!  LZ

  • To teach the concept of Word, or "Palabra," which is a program designed to teach youth the importance of community, keeping your word, honor, and respect.
  • To teach violence prevention methods, conflict resolution skills, and meditation exercises by providing the communication tools needed.
  • To provide violence prevention programs addressing domestic violence, gang violence, drug and alcohol related violence, and the like.
  • To build peace-making efforts among conflicting cultures in Los Angeles.
  • To teach people how the democratic and political systems function so that they can learn and practice self-advocacy within their community.
  • To reduce the problem of illegal graffiti by providing a space where one can create spray can and other public art without the fear of arrest.
  • To join this campaign to make Art Peace Park a reality, let's put Art Peace Park in the LA River Revitalization Master Plan.

"The Los Angeles Ad Hoc River Committee, an ad hoc committee of the Los Angeles City Council, was established in June 2002. The Ad Hoc River Committee will focus on major revitalization efforts on our historic river; opportunities for parks, trails, recreation, nature, neighborhood identity, jobs, community development, tourism, civic pride and much more. The Los Angeles River ands its major tributaries flow through 13 of our 15 council districts. River-related opportunities including neighborhood revitalization, water quality and supply, revaluing neglected space, and fostering a sense of place enhance all of the residents throughout our great city." Los Angeles City Council

"In 2005, the LA Department of Water and Power and the Public Works Bureau of Engineering requested proposals to develop a full-blown LA River Revitalization Master Plan. It took roughly 18 months to complete, but on May 9 of 2007 City of Los Angeles councilmembers approved a completed a completed draft for the LA River Revitalization Master Plan.  

Art Peace Park
Art Peace Park Bench
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